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The balance of mind, soul, and body makes a person hearty and happy. This is the secret of Khadi and something in which we believe. India is a land filled with endless treasures of medicinal plants. Thanks to Ayurvedic medicine, we know precisely how and when to harvest herbs to make them reach their maximum potency. We are further aware of how to preserve the vigor of these plants from cultivation to bottling.

The body of our essential oils is formulated by handpicking these medicinal herbs cultivated in small cooperatives under the powerful sun. They are then boiled in copper kettles over an open fire so that their natural magic and power unfold to bring about a sense of balance to the inner you.

Originated from the picturesque and naturally abundant valleys of Himachal Pradesh, Rockside was founded in 1978 with the objective of creating an indigenous brand offering herbal beauty products across the globe. Rockside has seen tremendous success and popularity for the past four decades with its range of premium skincare and beauty products thoughtfully curated from the ancient Ayurvedic recipes passed on through generations. In these recipes lies the essence of khadi that helps to rejuvenate senses and bring harmony to life.

The major turnover for us happened in the year 2001 when Khadi & Village Industries Commission introduced a brand for herbal beauty products’ Khadi’ in India and Rockside Research Lab was the first unit selected to manufacture herbal beauty products, making us the first-ever in the country to create Khadi products. Our primary focus is on using organic raw materials and turning them into premium quality personal care and beauty products. We aim to bring health, beauty, and well-being into balance with our extensive range of portfolios

Build Your Brands With Natural Products

At Rockside Research, we have one purpose: to make natural, high-quality personal care products to help build your brand upon the products you trust. From skincare to haircare products and other beauty care products, all are registered under COSMOS and made from 100% organic materials. Our ingredient list completely ticks off all kinds of artificial colors and fragrances.

With our private label beauty care products, you can choose from our stock formulations or even create products using your own custom formulas. By adhering to strict quality standards, we also help you in bringing your ideas to life in the form of conscious and honest personal care products. When you choose us, our technologically advanced laboratory and trained workforce will work keenly to make your vision a reality.

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