In the Rockside research lab, which is the leading skincare manufacturer, we promote organic and natural products to keep your skin healthy. We provide the facility to customize products. Here, you will have the opportunity to analyze your face and get the best solution for your skin directly from the experts. There are millions of people and everyone has their own unique skin type, because of which everyone needs a different solution. 

There are many people out there who don’t have enough knowledge about their skin type because of which they are not able to get the perfectly suited skincare product. But now a leading skincare manufacturer is here to help you all. In this blog, you are going to understand the types of skin so that you can opt for the right product for you.

If we briefly discuss it, there are five types of healthy skin that can be found in different personalities.

Normal skin

This is the type of skin that is not too oily and not too dry. It has no imperfections and has a clean and soft appearance. Also, this type of skin does not need special attention or care.

Dry skin

There are many reasons for dry skin. Sometimes it is due to the weather, pollution, etc., and sometimes it is because of the lack of hydration in the body. That is why it is highly recommended that you drink a lot of water. The signs and symptoms may vary depending on different factors such as health status, age, or their cause. It can be observed that people with dry skin have cracked skin.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is more prone to reacting to stimuli than normal skin. Because of that, it is important to take care of the skin. If there is any kind of reaction that happens, it can be seen that there is tightness, heat, redness, or itching. This type of skin loses its barrier very easily and makes it easy for irritant substances and microorganisms to enter it, which increases the possibility of having an allergic reaction or infection.

Combination skin

This is the type of skin that embodies the characteristics of both oily and dry skin. This used to happen due to the distribution of sebaceous and sweat glands not being homogenous. More oil is usually known as the T-Zone, which covers the forehead, nose, and chin. Whereas the skin on the cheeks is dry or normal.

Oily skin

Oily skin has a bright, humid, and porous appearance. It used to cause excessive fat production by the sebaceous glands, and this usually happens due to a change in hormones or genetics. This can be easily seen in younger adolescents under 30 years of age.

Scaly skin

In this type of skin, there is repeated skin irritation due to environmental factors such as wind, excessive humidity, and dryness that may cause skin desquamation.

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